Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sleepless in Internet cafe, Tokyo

..Actually I was sleeping pretty well, I just wanted to rhyme it with a movie title. I even enjoyed my stay here with streaming movies, TV, mattress+pillows, free soft drinks (hehe!) and they even had a shower. I managed to watch the movie 'Dark knight' and 'Elizabeth ..' on a fast forward basis. I couldn't complain more, this was my best option for a cheap accommodation in Tokyo. However, I recalled reading an article stating that about 5400 people with no fixed address spend their nights in 24h Internet cafes across Japan (Japan Times, 2007). According to the article, the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry attributes the rise to the increase in job-hoppers who are I quote 'byproduct of the economic crisis that hit a decade ago'. This data was reported in 2007, I can't imagine what is the situation now with the recent economic crisis!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Former Kaichi School, Matsumoto

Former Kaichi School is another attraction in Matsumoto area. At first I was confused for the directions to this school and what I believe as the 'Current Kaichi School'. Luckily I managed to reach the exact location. According to the pamphlet I received, the construction of this school was completed in 1876 with 70% of the cost covered from donations from Matsumoto residents.. Wow! The second pic I believe indicates that the students received music lesson. Holy cow! even I who studied in the modern times did not have the privilege to study music in school

Friday, April 17, 2009

Sakura Season

It's the sakura season once again (that's how i kindly would like to call it). Therefore I rushed to the Kamogawa river to take a few snapshots.. I'm not tired of doing it every year. Actually towards the south side of 'Kamo' river, many sakura tree have already turned green. Only in the northern side, the beauty was intact when I visited, hehe. It was such a beautiful day, tq! tq!
For an average guy from a tropical country, this is the first time I'm seeing a huge 'mikan' (citrus) tree. I've seen miniature citrus plants used as an ornament back in my country, but that doesn't count.. In my country this sort of 'oranges' are generally referred to as 'mandarin oranges'. Oishii! Oishii!

Friday, April 10, 2009

While heading to a specific location in Matsumoto (Nagano Prefecture), I got out in the wrong station. Rather than waiting for the next train, I decided I should walk to the desired location. So, I asked for some directions, even though I could only understand 'migi' and 'hidari'. Turns out, It was a pretty good deal. I got to enjoy the green scenery in this area.. it was awesome! I would have missed it if I decided to wait for the next train

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Toyota Commemorative Museum...

A short stopover at Nagoya city is not complete without a visit to Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology. Only a few months before this visit I came to know that Toyota Corporation actually started out as a industrial loom manufacturer before moving into the auto industry. Anyway, this site happens to be located in one of Toyota's textile mill built in 1911. The 2nd pic shows Toyoda's (the original name) 1st passenger car, the Model AA. It's price was around 3,000 yen when it came out in 1936. What! that's about USD30 I thought.. However, I was told that this happened during a time when the average monthly wage was below 100 yen, Ahh! For more info visit here