Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A bowling game after a very long time was really amazing. In this particular pic, 'Uncle Ash' is showing (maybe 'showing-off') how to hook a bowling ball. I've personally played bowling many times before, but it never crossed my mind that I should try to throw a 'hook' ball.. until today. Therefore, I made a search on the internet (that's the advantage in the information age) and I came across this website. The explanation was quite decent and it also had a video of some guy showing (maybe 'showing-off') how to hook a bowling ball. Anyway, my only hope is that (even if I can't throw a hook ball), with the recent advancement in video game technology, real sports like 'bowling' will not loose its shine

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Kitano Tenman-gū, Kyoto

It's a Shinto shrine that I found quite interesting. For more info on the history of this shrine visit here. During my visit here, I saw many Japanese people fascinated with a particular flower which made me curious but didn't stop me from taking a few snapshots. Turns out, it's actually plum blossom (or 'ume'). However, I'm still uncertain whether this plant is found only in this area or not?

Monday, February 9, 2009

Okazaki, Kyoto

It's an area that i'll be definitely making a return trip cause it's nearby and i've not completed visiting all the attractions here. A visit to one of the art gallery the other day is not enough for me. Not to forget, I even observed some people flying kites in this area. Maybe, it's a perfect place to hang out with friends and family

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dinner with Zuru-chan and Wiltod the other day was in a restaurant that was completely new to me. The dish that we ordered was 'omuraisu'. Surprisingly, the same type of dish is served in my country. It is called pattaya rice (or 'nasi pattaya'). It's a small world after all (or 'the world is flat'). This restaurant turns out to be quite interesting with a 60s design and Freddie King's song in the background